Allan K told 'Bawal Judgemental' after on-air suicide remark

Allan K told 'Bawal Judgemental' after on-air suicide remark

MANILA, Philippines — Eat Bulaga host Allan K is facing heat from netizens following the Wednesday broadcast of the noontime variety show’s “Bawal Judgemental” segment where the guest Anton had opened up about his suicide attempt during a dark moment in his life.

Allan, who had recently lost his sister last week and brother back in May, was visibly distraught after Anton had narrated his experience.

“Anton, anong nagtulak sa'yo para magpakamatay? Alam mo bang masama 'yung magpakamatay?” Allan said on air.

He then proceeded to ask the guest how the attempt changed his perspective in life.

Online users, however, did not take kindly to the host’s remark, pointing out that it’s insensitive to say that to a survivor of a suicide attempt.

Meanwhile, other netizens pointed out that it’s ironic to judge Allan for his remark instead of understanding where he came from and it would be wiser to educate him instead of canceling him altogether.