Privacy body summons 67 'unlisted' operators of online lending apps

Privacy body summons 67 'unlisted' operators of online lending apps

MANILA, Philippines — The National Privacy Commission said Friday it summoned 67 more online lenders accused of mishandling borrowers' data.

In a statement, the NPC said it ordered the operators of lending apps to appear before the commission and present their defense.

Failure to comply with the order could result to a ban on their processing of personal data and the elevation of the complaints to the commission for decision, the privacy body said.

The NPC’s order was specifically addressed to operators of the following online apps:

  1. Akulaku
  2. Batis Loan
  3. Cash bus
  4. Cash flyer
  5. Cash loan
  6. Cash moto
  7. Cash to go
  8. Cash warm
  9. Cashafin
  10. Cashaku
  11. Cashalo
  12. Cashaso
  13. Cashmoney loan
  14. Cashope
  15. Cashwhale
  16. Crazy Loan
  17. Credit coin
  18. Credit peso
  19. Crutchpil
  20. First lending
  21. Flash cash
  22. Happy cash
  23. Hello papaya
  24. JK Quick Cash Lending
  25. Kwago
  26. Lalapeso (Mintwagon Lending Corp)
  27. Lending cash
  28. Light credit
  29. Loan champ
  30. Loan motto
  31. Loan wallet
  32. Mabilis cash
  33. Mango cash
  34. Mango loan
  35. Mcmpire
  36. Megaloan
  37. MF cash (Microdot Lending Corporation)
  38. Moola lending
  39. One cash
  40. Online loans Pilipinas
  41. Pautang peso
  42. Pera advance
  43. Pera express
  44. Pera lending
  45. Pera Pocket (Rainbow Cash)
  46. Pera4u
  47. Peso legend
  48. Peso lending
  49. Peso now
  50. Peso online
  51. Peso Q
  52. Peso to Go
  53. Peso tree
  54. Peso wallet
  56. Peso2go
  57. Pesomine
  58. Pesos ph
  60. Pinoy cash
  61. Pinoy peso
  62. Pondo pocket
  63. QCash
  64. Sell loan
  65. Super cash
  66. Super peso
  67. Utang pesos

According to the complaints received by the NPC, online lenders allegedly accessed and used mobile phonebooks of the victims without their consent.

Using the phonebook data, the online lenders allegedly informed people in the contact list that they were named as co-makers or character references by borrowers.

In some reports, these contacts were even asked to settle the loan.

“Our investigation team is committed in attending to all the complaints filed against online lending apps. However, to date, only the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and the developers behind the 67 apps are identifiable,” Privacy Commissioner Raymund Enriquez Liboro said.

“They have no known company name and business address, nor has anyone appeared before the Commission to represent them. Our investigators are aware that some of these online lending apps are just existing in the cloud,” he added. — Ian Nicolas Cigaral