Locsin rejects blood money for OFW's death in Kuwait

Locsin rejects blood money for OFW's death in Kuwait

MANILA, Philippines — Blood for blood.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. on Friday said he would reject of any offer of blood money for the death of overseas Filipina worker (OFW) Jeanelyn Villavende, who was allegedly raped and beaten to death by her employers in Kuwait.

“I renounce and reject any offer of blood money for her torture/murder. I want two lives for the life they took,” Locsin said on Twitter.

Locsin said that the “topnotch lawyer” hired by the foreign affairs department is also not authorized to suggest or accept blood money.

“If I catch anyone in (Department of Foreign Affairs) making that suggestion they’re fired. I will not accept an improvement in Kuwait’s labor standards either,” Locsin said.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) earlier reported that Villavende suffered multiple, severe traumatic injuries including genitalia injuries.

Based on NBI’s autopsy report, Villavende’s brain, heart, and some internal organs were also missing which could be due to previously conducted autopsy on the OFW.

The Philippine Embassy in Kuwait, quoting a top foreign ministry official, earlier said that Kuwait has agreed to allow the Philippines to join the investigation on Villavende’s death.